Professional Integration HUB



A unique internship program for Ukrainian professionals in Austria


10 April 2024

Study Visit to the ÖIF

On April 5, participants of the Professional Integration HUB program undertook their second study visit, this time to the Austrian Integration Fund (Österreichischer Integrationsfonds, ÖIF). The visit served as a platform for fostering deeper understanding and collaboration between the Ukrainian professionals and their Austrian counterparts.

The participants were privy to presentations and discussions led by ÖIF experts, gaining invaluable insights into Austria’s integration policies, programs, and practices.

Beyond the ÖIF staff, our very own program interns currently stationed at ÖIF played an instrumental role in orchestrating the visit. Their proactive involvement exemplifies the dedication and professionalism of Ukrainian specialists in international settings. Special commendation to Olesia Kyselova and Olena Tereshchuk for their exemplary representation and professionalism throughout the event.

As a token of appreciation and a gesture of cultural exchange, the participants were presented with heartwarming gifts, notably a bilingual German-Ukrainian book. This symbolic gift not only underscores the importance of linguistic and cultural understanding but also serves as a lasting memento of the visit.

Here are some photos from the event: