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A unique internship program for Ukrainian professionals in Austria


21 March 2024

Study Visit to Caritas Austria

On March 15, the first study visit was held as part of the Professional Integration HUB program. The participants visited Caritas Austria and learned many interesting facts about this organization. Here are some of them:

    • Caritas means «love» in Latin.
    • Caritas has more than 160 national offices around the world. Caritas Austria employs over 16 thousand people.
    • Caritas is one of the two largest humanitarian organizations in the world. The first, the Red Cross, focuses primarily on emergency medical and humanitarian aid, while Caritas provides social support.
    • The HUB participants had the opportunity to visit the Gruft Shelter, which has been considered the most famous Caritas facility for the homeless in Vienna for over 30 years. Here, people on the street are offered safe shelter and human warmth. 365 days a year. Twenty-four hours a day! In the crypt, the victims receive a warm meal, a place to sleep, clean clothes and the opportunity to take a shower. The night shelter is located right under the Church of Mariahilf in one of the central districts of Vienna.
    • Caritas receives funding from: subsidies and grants from public institutions and church contributions (€136.89 million), donations and church contributions (€137.1 million), in-kind gifts and donations (€15.44 million), and Reimbursement from services (e.g state-care) (€819.8 million).


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