Professional Integration HUB



A unique internship program for Ukrainian professionals in Austria


5 March 2024

Opening of the Professional Integration HUB in Photos

Last Friday, March 1st, we celebrated the opening of our Professional Integration HUB internship program!

All participants of the program attended the event. They were addressed by Boris Marte, the CEO of ERSTE Foundation, Yana Barinova, the manager of the Ukrainian Desk at ERSTE Foundation, and the core implementing team of the European Centre for Freedom and Independence, Olena Bekreniova and Olga Olefirova.

We believe that this program will be a significant step in the professional growth of our participants and will help them successfully integrate into the European professional environment. From March 4 to May 31, 2024, participants will undergo an internship in leading Austrian institutions and organizations.

Thank you to everyone for your support and participation in this important event. The Professional Integration HUB is initiated and funded by ERSTE Foundation. The project is implemented by the European Centre for Freedom and Independence.