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A unique internship program for Ukrainian professionals in Austria


4 June 2024

The final conference of the Professional Integration HUB 1.0 took place: how it was

On May 29th, we held the final conference for the Professional Integration HUB program. This event featured representatives from ERSTE Foundation, the European Centre for Freedom and Independence, and various institutions and organizations that supported the program as internship partners.

Inspiring speeches were given by Yana Barinova, ERSTE Foundation’s Manager for European Policies and Relations with Ukraine, Olena Bekreniova and Olga Olefirova, co-founders of the European Centre for Freedom and Independence.

“I am incredibly proud to be a part of such an important project and so happy about our interns. Thirteen remarkable Ukrainian women completed internships at some of the most influential institutions and organizations in Austria, showcasing the high level of qualifications that Ukrainian professionals possess,” Yana Barinova commented.

The stars of the conference were, of course, the participants of the Professional Integration HUB. Each of them delivered a presentation summarizing their internship experience, sharing recommendations for Ukraine based on their internships, and expressing their gratitude for this crucial opportunity to enter the Austrian professional environment.


Olena Bekreniova shared, “This program has not only provided invaluable professional experiences for our participants but also fostered stronger ties between Ukraine and Austria. The insights and recommendations from our interns will undoubtedly contribute to the future development of our country.”

Olga Olefirova added, “The Program has exceeded its initial frameworks. Seeing the growth and resilience of these incredible women has been truly inspiring. Their success in integrating into the Austrian professional environment demonstrates the strength and potential of Ukrainian specialists. We look forward to continuing this journey.”

The highlight of the event was the ceremonial presentation of certificates to the participants for completing internships at leading institutions and organizations in Austria.

We are incredibly proud of our participants and grateful to all our partners for their support!