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A unique internship program for Ukrainian professionals in Austria


Application Form to the Professional Integration HUB program 2024

Professional Integration Hub is a long-term internship program for Ukrainians residing in Austria as a result of Russia‘s aggression against Ukraine. The goal of the program is to facilitate the professional advancement of Ukrainian specialists by integrating them into the European professional environment. Additionally, the experience gained through the program will be a significant contribution to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and its integration into the EU. The program is initiated and funded by ERSTE Foundation and implemented by the European Centre for Freedom and Independence.

When choosing organization or institution for the internship, please take into account information on the department and specific requirements provided by the internship partners, in addition to the general requirements of the program. You can check them in the following document.

Please fill out the form below before January 7, 2024. Please note, that the form contains 3 sections:
1. General Information;
2. Internship;
3. Documents and Consents.

Before filling out the form, please prepare your CV and Motivation Letter in PDF format and a copy of your Blue Card in PDF or JPG format (each file cannot exceed the size of 10 MB).

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